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The Colbert Report

Comedy Central. Me. Stephen Colbert! No joke. First aired June 14, 2010.

NPR: "Understanding the Gospel According to Huckabee"

Great piece (smart and funny) by NPR religion reporter Barbara Bradley Haggerty on Mike Huckabee's oddly obscure whistlestop references to the Bible (February 2008).

Belienet Interview with Patton Dodd

"Should the Bible Be Taught in Public Schools?" interview with Beliefnet's Protestantism editor Patton Dodd (July 2007).

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Comedy Central. Me. Jon Stewart. No joke. Aired March 20, 2007.

US News & World Report Q & A

Q & A with Jay Tolson of U.S. News & World Report on Judeo-Christianity, religion in American history textbooks, and the United States as "a nation of forgetters" (April 1, 2007).

"The Gospel of Prothero" (Newsweek)

Lisa Miller of Newsweek profiles me in this March 12, 2007 piece. The picture is a little scary, but you have to love this line: "Prothero is a world-religions scholar with the soul of a late-night television comic."

"Pray Tell" in Bostonia Magazine

Profile in Bostonia magazine (Spring 2007) by Taylor McNeil.

"Holy Book Learning" (Boston Globe)

Chris Shea on "Religious Literacy" in his "Critical Faculties" column in the Boston Globe (March 4, 2007).

Maud Newton E-Exchange

Here's an interesting exchange with Phil Campbell on the Maud Newton blog (aka "Occasional links, politics, amusements and rants"). I think this one falls between amusements and rants (November 30, 2006).

Publishers Weekly Profile

Check out this short profile of me and Religious Literacy by Jana Riess in Publishers Weekly (11/20/2006).

Boston Globe IDEAS 2004 Conference Talk

Not exactly an interview, but here is a talk I gave in 2004 at The Boston Globe IDEAS Conference. This conference included such notables as cognitive scientist Steven Pinker, inventor Dean Kamen, and author Tracy Kidder, so needless to say I was delighted to participate.

Boston Globe: "Personal Jesus"

Author profile by David Mehegan of the Boston Globe. Best line: "Prothero, 43, looks more like an athlete than the chairman of the religion department at a major university." I'll take that.

On Point: "American Jesus"

Listen to a radio interview with Tom Ashbrook on the release of "American Jesus", courtesy of WBUR and NPR.

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly: "Interview with Professor Prothero"

Is the World Trade Center site now a sacred space?